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Wed Apr 18 09:16:36 EDT 2007

On Apr 18, 2007, at 8:50 AM, Thomas Olenio wrote:
> Just seems odd that the die offs of honeybees started last fall (Fall 
> Dwindle Disease renamed Colony Collapse Disorder), and last fall we 
> know that contaminated gluten entered the feed chain, and that glucose 
> (sugar) is a common honeybee feed.
> [ . . . ]This just seems a very reasonable avenue to explore regarding 
> CCD.  Eliminate the obvious.

It certainly makes sense to investigate whether there's any connection 
between CCD and what, if anything, the bees were fed. Whether or not 
they were fed anything containing gluten, there may have been some 
trace contaminant in feed, and bees (like cats) are highly sensitive to 
some things. It should be possible to find out if all or most of the 
affected hives were fed anything that was not also fed to large numbers 
of unaffected hives; and, if so, then to analyze that feed. This 
process would take a while; there might well be people working on it, 
and if not, there should be.

However, glucose and gluten are not the same thing. There are a lot of 
words in English that sound similar, but similarity in the word does 
not always imply similarity in the named item. (Sometimes even the same 
word can have two or more significantly different meanings: for 
examples, "organic chemicals" and "organic farming", or the notorious 
"cleave", which is its own antonym. Language can be pretty confusing.)

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly
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