[NAFEX] Bees & 2 Issues

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We use the Watchdog Wireless Crop Monitor from Spectrum Technologies 
(http://www.specmeters.com) along with the SpecLog and Specware software. 
Specware is the data logging, Report and Alarm Management software that 
includes T/RH Hours, Daily Light Interval, DIF Temperature, Degree days and 
summary reports.  Specware (Spec 8 Pro) is the Disease and Insect Model 
software that works with Spec Log.  Pricing is:

Watchdog  Monitor Temperature System is $395
Watchdog  Monitor Temperature/RH System is $445.
Leaf Wetness External Sensor is $89.
Radiation Shield (Required) is $75.
SpecLog is $199.
Spec 8 Pro is $274
Disease and Insect Models for Apple/Pear is $349.

If you just want Degree Days you can get by with the Monitor w/shield and 
SpecLog for less than $700.  We have used the wireless monitor for 2 years 
now with great results.  The monitor transmits data up to 1,000 feet to a 
base unit(included) which hooks up to your computer via serial/USB cable 
which is around $25.  Prior to the wireless model we used a WatchDog data 
logger for about 10 years.  The wireles monitor is only about $50 more and 
well worth it.  It saves you from having to take your laptop out into the 
field and download the data to your laptop manually.  If you have any 
questions, feel free to contact me.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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> 3) Weather Staions.
> I see Davis, weatherbug (AWS.com) and others. Anyone have a suggestion 
> that is hopefully
> no more than $500-$1000, and might be recordable? I am in a micrpoclimate 
> and don't
> know with any accuracy what my USDA 9c (g) offers in the way of heat days, 
> etc. It
> would be a plus if it interfaced with a computer, for annual totals.

> I also like to say;
> Grow ON!
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> BillSF9c
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