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Bees are fed protein too.  Soya flour is common.


Just seems odd that the die offs of honeybees started last fall (Fall
Dwindle Disease renamed Colony Collapse Disorder), and last fall we know
that contaminated gluten entered the feed chain, and that glucose (sugar) is
a common honeybee feed.


If I understand gluten properly the sugars are washed away from wheat
leaving the gluten protein.  Now I doubt industry would just toss away the
sugars washed from the wheat.  They would find a market for the sugars.  And
if it was the wheat that was contaminated you would find the contamination
in the washed out sugars, and the  remaining gluten.


This just seems a very reasonable avenue to explore regarding CCD.
Eliminate the obvious.






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Gluten is a mixture of proteins - I don't think it contains much sugar.


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According to the USDA.




."Sugars which poison bees when fed at low levels in sucrose syrup include
galactose, arabinose, xylose, melibiose, mannose, raffinose, stachyose, and
lactose (Barker and Lehner, 1974b; Barker 1976a). Pectin, agar, and many
gums are toxic or can hydrolyze to toxic sugars. On the other hand, glucose,
fructose, maltose, sucrose, melezitose, and trehalose are safe and
nutritious. The reasons some sugars are poisonous at low dosages are
unknown; conflicting theories have been published. Even important
biochemical processes which produce honey from nectar remain cloaked in


>From the above this honey bee novice infers that glucose (gluten) is fed to
commercial honey bees.


It would make sense that if contaminated feed grade, gluten got into the
supply chain it may affect honey bees.


I know next to nothing about bees, and leave it to experts to figure out.




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