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Hello All,


Regarding Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees.  What do bee keepers feed
to their hives?


According to that preliminary report from Penn State University, it was
common for producers to feed their hives.


We all are aware of the recent problems with contaminated wheat gluten that
began last fall, so it makes sense to ask what bees are fed.
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"Feeding: The practice of feeding was common to most of the interviewed 

beekeepers. The reason for feeding varied. Some fed to help encourage build

while others fed to hold off starvation in the summer during particularly



a.      Carbohydrates: some did not feed, some feed HFC, others sucrose.

used frame feeders, top hive feeders, and barrel feeders. Some added mineral

salts to the feed, some added antibiotics, none used Fumaigillan. 


b. Protein: most did not feed, some used pre-made protein supplement."


It is an amateur question, but worth asking.





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