[NAFEX] Fall Dwindle Disease

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Wed Apr 18 07:09:40 EDT 2007

Hello All,


There is a preliminary report on Colony Collapse Disorder to be found here;




I found this interesting. (regarding affected bee keepers in east coast


"All producers experienced some form of extraordinary "Stress" at least 2

prior to the first incidence of "die off" associated with "Fall dwindle

The nature of this stress was variable but included nutritional stress
(apiary over-

crowding, pollination of crops with little nutritional value), dramatic
pollen and 

nectar dearth, or varroa mite pressure. Due to drought in some areas, the

may have had limited water resources or contaminated water supplies. 



i. Stress compromises the immune system of bees, making them 

more susceptible to infection by opportunistic microbes. "


I can only assume that the original name for the problem "Fall Dwindle
Disease" was not sexy enough, and was changed to "Colony Collapse Disorder".


We do know that the east coast had a very, very wet spring last season with
a lot of flooding.





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