[NAFEX] Bees & 2 Issues

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Tue Apr 17 21:55:22 EDT 2007

>I never suggested that this was evidence that cell phones kill bees, 
frankly doubt that story myself.  I just piped in that my phone really
ticked them off.

Pros here are really buzy.... just like ER Doctors. They don't have 
time always, to
actually r e a d a post. And, we al err. Life is buzy... as a bee?

20+ yrs ago I dod elec bench work, at RF frequencies. A red head, (and 
you k n o w
hoe sensitive "they " are, LOL said he could feel the hair stand on his 
arms when he
tuned certain waveguides... (Sq precision conductive tubes that we 
"tuned" like circuits,
for microwaves to travel through to tune special TV transmission 
circuits.)  It was studied,
and dismissed.

But, did your ringtone incl the famous 2-[motor]cycle ring? LOL!  
Phones as I studied and
was employed in their research, stop past 4000 Hertz, (cps) a top of 
normal female voice.
There are any reasons the souynd(s) may irritate somethjing sensitive, 
esp, as implied, on
a certain day of certain weather innuendo(s).

Certainly, slower readers 'see' that you 'generally dismiss' cell 
phones as 'circumstantial.'

>Subject: [NAFEX] Anecdotal evidence
>Anecdotal evidence:  Anecdotal evidence is unreliable evidence based 

(2) I have an Alaskan eList (YahOops) connection as a bee source and 
have read up on
them for 3 yrs. I hope to get some. limit their hive population, if 
thet becomes an issue,
and which has been discussed,) and keep them on a metropolitan 
50x100... perhaps dis-
guised as a small dormer or cupula (qupula?) on the rear of the house.

3) Weather Staions.
I see Davis, weatherbug (AWS.com) and others. Anyone have a suggestion 
that is hopefully
no more than $500-$1000, and might be recordable? I am in a 
micrpoclimate and don't
know with any accuracy what my USDA 9c (g) offers in the way of heat 
days, etc. It
would be a plus if it interfaced with a computer, for annual totals.

And here we expect Pros, predominately. Rarefruit has been great and 
cordial with assistance.
I applaud the Coolfruit and the Container list, slow as they are, as 
well. Some pros will join them.
Some won't because they are very focussed on critical work, and merely 
post here or to 1 extra
list as a community service. That's fine. Totally understandable. Just 
like doctors. Some have time,
some don't; reasons vary widely. True in any group of a dozen families. 
1 Mom or Dad is superbuzy
at times. All is well. I like to say, UnLax. ;>)

I also like to say;
Grow ON!
When you thiMk of it, ONLY the world, is really at stake.

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