[NAFEX] Curcullio question

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Odds are that their egg laying will be greatly reduced due to no blooms or 
fruit, but there will still possibly be PC in the orchard from 
overwintering.  They can overwinter about 1" underground, especially if you 
use mulch in tree rows, until spring and then emerge. I wish it was as easy 
as finding host plants and zapping them there.   The hosts other than apple 
are nectarine, plum, cherry, peach, apricot, pear and quince. They also can 
survive on wild plum, hawthorn and native crabapple.  With no fruit or 
blossoms availabe, my guess would be hawthorne.  If you have any hawthorne 
trees nearby, I'd concentrate my efforts there.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard

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> Dennis,
>    I am hoping that folks will search out and find alternative host plants 
> that PC will use in this year of no fruit.  With so many orchards void of 
> (domestic) fruit in 2007, what fruits are PCs going to lay their eggs on 
> in 2007?  That is my question.  If we could identify their alternate host 
> plant, we could zap them there to so their numbers would be greatly 
> reduced in 2008 and thereafter.
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