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Terry Bradshaw terryb at lostmeadowvt.com
Tue Apr 17 12:12:15 EDT 2007

I never suggested that this was evidence that cell phones kill bees, and 
frankly doubt that story myself.  I just piped in that my phone really 
ticked them off.


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>Anecdotal evidence:  Anecdotal evidence is unreliable evidence based on
>personal experience that has not been empirically tested, and which is often
>used in an argument as if it had been scientifically or statistically
>proven. The person using anecdotal evidence may or may not be aware of the
>fact that, by doing so, they are generalizing.
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>I was once planting a research block in a grower orchard during bloom.  
>Went by the hives numerous times with no problems.  Then my phone rang 
>and I was swarmed and stung multiple times.  It wasn't the sound of the 
>ringing because the phone rang well away from the hive, but when I got 
>within 50 feet of it with a call going, they attacked.
>Food for thought.

Terence Bradshaw
Calais, VT 1450 feet, zone 4


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