[NAFEX] Curcullio question

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Tue Apr 17 08:54:24 EDT 2007

    I am hoping that folks will search out and find alternative host plants 
that PC will use in this year of no fruit.  With so many orchards void of 
(domestic) fruit in 2007, what fruits are PCs going to lay their eggs on in 
2007?  That is my question.  If we could identify their alternate host 
plant, we could zap them there to so their numbers would be greatly reduced 
in 2008 and thereafter.

Jim Fruth
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Due to the adverse weather conditions and loss of fruit in many areas, there
will be the initial response of thinking one does not need to be too
concerned about pest control.  Actually, one will need to be a bit more
diligent in monitoring, especially for fungal and bacterial diseases.  After
any kind of weather related injury, fungicides still need to be considered.
Damage breeds disease.  In fact, a good copper spray just prior to a light
frost will add protection against that frost.

In the case of plum curculio, there is a great deal of information available
at http://web1.msue.msu.edu/vanburen/plumcurc.htm.  I am also in the process
of developing an early detection trap that will capture adults as they are
flying into the orchard, rather than the previous trunk or triangle traps
that generally do not work.  I will be starting my trials this spring with
the use of a plum curculio lure and plum essence combination in a Trece
Delta Pherocon VI trap.  I will continue to post results as they become

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard

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