[NAFEX] Paw-Paw Seed Size

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I am not a pawpaw-oligist, just an aficionado.
I, too, have germinated a lot of pawpaw seeds after segregating by size and shape.  Neither characteristic seems to translate into a seedling characteristic in my limited experiments - Kirk Pomper or Neal Peterson would be someone to ask.
Jim Nottke

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>Dear Group,
>     At our last Nafex meeting in Lexington, KY, I collected the best
>fruit specimens of named trees I found in the orchard and at our
>fruit tasting.  I later removed the seeds from each fruit to
>stratify, and found that I could easily see three sizes of seed in
>each Paw-Paw (visually or by weight), which I called small, medium
>and large.  I then pooled each group of seeds by size, and then
>stratified all at a shorter period that usually is suggested for
>Paw-Paw, hoping that the seeds that germinated first might be more
>likely to produce low-chill plants. After the stratification period I
>then planted them in large community pots, again segregated by the
>three general seed sizes, and growth is now becoming visible. What
>will this experiment yield?  Is there any evidence that a large
>Paw-Paw seed will produce a different plant than a smaller seed? Is
>the size simply a reflection of pollination?  Do I need to consult a
>psychiatrist?  Are there any Paw-Pawologists out there?
>                           Regards, Ethan
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