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Mon Apr 16 10:46:53 EDT 2007

On Apr 15, 2007, at 9:06 PM, rob hamilton wrote:

> Dear membership,
> This is an interest comment. I have only been with NAFEX for about  
> 6 years. Some some aspects or this post I agree and with and some I  
> don't. I feel this is an excellent opportunity for our membership  
> (at least the on-line ones) to chime in to let the board know what  
> you want.

I find NAFEX, and this mailing list in particular, very helpful and  
interesting.  It has helped me with common fruits (how to graft apple  
trees) and with less common (at least in the US) fruits, such as  
where to get a good cornus mas or what currants are good.  It has  
helped me find less favored types of common fruits, such as small- 
fruited blueberries.  It has given me the opportunity to contribute  
towards a an edible honeysuckle project, and to trial a cold-hardy  
pomegranate.   Of course, even the mundane stuff, like apples, isn't  
completely mundane - I don't know if they will ever fruit, but I have  
grafts of a bunch of cultivars whose fruits I can't buy, courtesy of  
my NAFEX friends.  I've also killed a lot of plants that turned out  
not to be hardy in my backyard.  :)  (Not exotics, but exotic to NE,  
for good reason as it appears.)

I have also been encouraged to try a lot of unusual fruit when it is  
available through this list.

So, I'm not a fruit explorer in the sense that I wander through the  
woods and find new or abandoned stuff (although some NAFEXers are)  
but I do like to explore fruit in a small way, and NAFEX helps me do it.

Not sure exactly what feedback you are looking for, Rob.  But I like  
what NAFEX is currently doing, and I hope it keeps doing it.


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