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Mon Apr 16 09:02:37 EDT 2007

As I see it a lot of this is a matter of where folks interested in the
topic live.  North America covers all fifty states, Canada, and
Mexico.  In a couple of years or so of reading this list however it
seems like the bulk of the regular posters to the list live north of
or near to the Mason-Dixon line which means most of the fruits that
are discussed here are those that will grow in or at least tolerate
those climates.

The Deep South, Southwestern U.S., and Mexico are rather different
climates though with fruits that can be grown here that would require
at least a greenhouse to do much of anything with north of the
Mason-Dixon.  Not much discussion of those here, mostly having to do
with a paucity of list posters living down here.

Up north it's often a battle of trying to keep things alive over the
winter.  Down here it's playing the chill hour game for temperate
fruits, the cold protection game for tropical and semi-tropical
fruits on the northern edge of their ranges, and in the Southeast how
to cope with the problems that long months of heat and humidity
bring.  Many of you discuss fruits that I can't even think of
realistically trying to grow here while I've got stuff in the orchard
that most of you would need a greenhouse to keep alive over the

Eventually I hope we'll attract enough posters that the list will
begin to be more reflective of the modern day population distribution
of the North American continent.


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