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Is it possible that hardiness zones and where the bulk of NAFEX members
live, somewhat limits the fruits that can be explored?


Has anyone ever produced a map that demonstrates NAFEX member concentration
distribution?  It can be done simply enough with just a list of the zip
codes for each member.  Any company that has a sales department and a large
customer base will have this type of software.  It is handy to know exactly
where customer concentrations occur.


Sure, some very exotic fruits can be grown in North America, but if people
do not have greenhouses or winter storage opportunities it simply isn't


There are NAFEX special interest groups that focus on some very niche
fruits.  These groups have their own forums, but are not widely used, to my


This email group is analogous to the lobby of a university where common
things are discussed more routinely, but there are many smaller groups, with
more focused discussions behind other doors.


Fruit And Nut Interest Groups



Special Consultants



I am sure that if interest exists these areas can be expanded for those with
truly exotic fruit exploration.








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Dear membership,

This is an interest comment. I have only been with NAFEX for about 6 years.
Some some aspects or this post I agree and with and some I don't. I feel
this is an excellent opportunity for our membership (at least the on-line
ones) to chime in to let the board know what you want. 

These are my thoughts...

There is a alot of discussions on mainstream fruits in the on-line forum and
in Pomona, though the varieties discussed are often are historical or rare
and sometimes unorthodox uses of those fruits. That being said, I do see
plenty of discussion of rare or under explored fruits, and kiwi or hardy
kiwi is hardly and exotic fruit on our list. Ask Hector Black and Hall Love.
I personally would love to see more exploration of rarer fruit. I think (gut
feeling here) members do, but may not actively report on them.
I also think that we do have a diversity of people on the whole
chemical/organic spectrum. I am tired of seeing people place in just two
extremes in this issue, and I do feel here people discuss and practice
various methodologies and anyone would find a colleague in our membership
that would see their interest represented. I do see the organic community
growing, and that is an area I think we could find more members. 

I do NOT want this post to sound like I took offense at these comments. It
is further from the truth. I thank Dr. Parmar posted this. My hope is that
we can use it as a vehicle to ask ourselves if this is the group we want.

I think each fruit group out there has there own "flavor" of community. I am
part  of Southern Fruit Fellowship, and the California Rare fruit group.
There will always be overlap between them, though no group well satisfy
everyone, I think we are a good general entry point for all people
interested in temperate fruit.

Robert Hamilton

"Dr. Chiranjit Parmar" <parmarch at gmail.com> wrote:

Here are some comments about NAFEXers from Rarefruit list.


Dr. Chiranjit Parmar

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From: Michael Nave <jmichaelnave at yahoo.com >
Date: Apr 14, 2007 10:45 AM
Subject: Re: [rarefruit] Discussion aims of the group
To: rarefruit at yahoogroups.com


I've given thought to the coolfruit/rarefruit group
issue and don't know what to do about it. Coolfruit is
to some extent displaced by the NAFEX list, although
unfortunately many of the folks on the NAFEX internet 
list are very mainstream apple/peach/plum growers who
love chemical agriculture and think kiwi fruit are
exotic fruits. Many aren't really fruit explorers at
all which was the original purpose of NAFEX. The NAFEX 
magazine is far more interesting than the NAFEX
internet group. The Dave's Garden groups also have
members that specialize in temperate fruit growing but
using the group is so clunky that I won't waste my 

I tend to think of rarefruit as a list for just that,
rare fruit, and the rarer the better. While there
really is nothing rare about mangos and jackfruit,
they are rare if you live in temperate areas. And 
truly edible lonicera is rare almost everywhere
outside of northern Europe, Canada and Japan.

I guess I just don't want to see rarefruit restricted
too much. If we say we can't discuss lonicera and cold 
hardy kiwi here, it just seems that the group loses
something. There will always be people who are not
interested in certain topics whether the topic is a
tropical, subtropical or temperate fruit, and they are 
under no obligation to follow those posts. Lord knows
I am usually bored stiff by rambutan, litchee and
langsat discussions. For me to try to grow them would
be way too much work and the payoff is just not worth 
the effort. On the other hand red fleshed jackfruit,
purple yams and purple fleshed durian are very
interesting to me whether I can grow them or not. My
point is just that no one is ever interested in all

But if we broaden the scope of rare fruit, then what
happens to coolfruit? That would have been a good
question in 2001 but right now coolfruit has so few
posts that I don't think the question matters much 

--- CannonConsult <b.cannon01 at verizon.net <mailto:b.cannon01%40verizon.net>
> wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> What you write is true. The question is do we need
> to advertise the 
> group more or include non warm climate edibles
> here? I tend to let the 
> group make such decisions even though I would love 
> to see the CoolFruit 
> group become more active. It has over 280 members
> with 76 bouncing so 
> that leaves about 200 that are still there to see
> posts.
> You have been in this group quite a while and in 
> CoolFruit since 1981. 
> Perhaps you would be willing to become a co-owner an
> promote the group 
> and see if it can be woken up? At this moment I
> simply do not have the 
> time to push it as much as I would like to. 
> If you, or any other list members, wish to contact
> me off list about 
> this feel free to do so at: cannonconsult at myway.com
> Best of growing,
> Bob
> SW Florida USA
> Michael Nave wrote:
> > The problem Bob is that nothing ever happens on
> > coolfruit these days. It peaked in about 2001 when 
> > coincidentally Jan was a member and he I exchanged
> > emails about chestnuts and jujube and I believe I
> sent
> > him seeds from a Russian jujube cultivar I had at
> that
> > time. In 2001 coolfruit had about one message per 
> day.
> > Last year it had about one message every 3 days
> and
> > this year it is down to about one message every
> six
> > days with about a third of those messages coming 
> from
> > me and Phil Pieri.
> >
> > Mike
> >
> > .

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