[NAFEX] rootstock under meyers lemon

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Yes, I was fishing for a better method than mine.  I use a tracked fork loader, wrap a log chain around the forks, then push the forks along the ground and once the chain has a good drip on the base of the bush, I lift up and it pulls up most of the cord roots.  A few sprouts come up from remaining roots, but glyphosate will kill them.  Glyphosate won't kill large plants because there is not enough leaf surface to absorb enough of the chemical.  
You want to be very careful burning a pile of torn out bushes - they are loaded with citrus oil.  Once they dry for a week, they burn like solid gasoline, I had a jet of blue flame 100 feet tall my first summer when I torched a pile of them one dead calm morning - sounded like a jet engine.

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>Hello Jim,
>I have no idea how to remove the Trifoliate. When we bought our land 
>five years ago the woods were already loaded with them. Some are 15 feet 
>tall and probably that big in diameter. My first clue that there was a 
>problem was when a friend from the U.S. Fisheries and Wildlife came over 
>to tromp around. He took one look at these beasts and told me that he 
>didn't know they were a problem this far south in our area. He said on 
>one project about 20 miles north of here they were battling them..
>I'll email him and ask as he is the reforestation guy for our region and 
>he'll either know or can find out easily. I'm willing to bet it is going 
>to have to be a chemical. If not some rude chemical then perhaps a rope 
>with a sling or a chain and a tractor. Yank them out and add them to a 
>large burn pile might work. But they look like they'd come back from any 
>roots left behind.
>Opelousas, LA
>Zone 8 (right between A & B)

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