[NAFEX] Which trees didn't freeze?

rmelrose at danvilleVT.net rmelrose at danvilleVT.net
Sun Apr 15 16:34:50 EDT 2007

Add Northern Vermont to the `it was still winter anyway' column -- there
was a little color in the apricot, plum and cherry tips and some bud
swelling before the return to cold weather but the only thing that seemed
to have really broken dormancy was the Chaenomeles. Mind you, I was
deceived enough by the relatively warm weather to uncover my tree peonies
and to take outside the potted apples (on Bud 9) that overwinter in the
basement. We will see what becomes of them, not to mention the dormant
grafts of apples and pears that I did (including some cleft grafts onto
branches) -- all outside. Since it is currently snowing, to add to the foot
or so of snow on the ground, it will be a while before I find out.

VT USDA 4a/3b.

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