[NAFEX] Fruit blooming without pollinators

Bassem Samaan bassem at gardener.com
Sat Apr 14 15:36:23 EDT 2007

 I just checked my apricot now, it's about 3 in the afternoon. About 50%
of the blossoms are open on 2 different varieties, Jerseycot, and an
unknown, but unfortunately they didn't release any pollen. I tried it
with the artist brush, and nothing. The pollen perhaps doesn't release
with the cold we're having now. for the next 4 days we're having a flood
warning, a snow mixture, and windy days ahead. I can pretty much forget
about them this year.


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  Bass, A few weeks ago I visited a peach orchard about 20 miles from
  my house.  The owner also has apricots.  He said the biggest problem
  with apricots in Kansas is not that the blossoms freeze, but that the
  apricots bloom in cold wet weather and do not get pollinated.  I'm
  sure your aware Jerseycot is self-pollinating, perhaps you could go
  out and brush the flowers to ensure pollination. Mark

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    While many have experienced damage on their fruit trees this past
    week, I'm furtunate that my apricots are late bloomers. I have
    JerseyCot and another late blooming variety, they haven't bloomed
    fully until now. My peaches and plums and all others haven't
    bloomed yet. Now the question is, my apricot is almost in full
    bloom, there's no sub freezing temperature in the forecast, but
    what pollinates the apricots? There's no insects out yet in this
    cold. Would they get wind pollinated? Would the blossoms release
    pollen if the outside temperatures are below 50F?


    Bethlehem, Pa, Zone 6



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