[NAFEX] Apricots for tricky climates - JerseyCot, Puget Gold

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Sat Apr 14 10:23:44 EDT 2007

Another apricot you might want to consider is Puget Gold.  I bought  
one for a friend as a housewarming present, and was so jealous of his  
apricots that I bought one for myself, too.   We're both in eastern  
Mass, he's pretty close to the coast, and I'm further inland, where  
the snow sticks.  (I'm zone 6, he may be zone 7.)   It's too early to  
know for sure for this year, but it has bloomed after the last hard  
frost, and held its fruit through minor frosts, every year since  
we've planted it.  It was developed for the Pacific Northwest, but  
seems to be good in New England, too.

It's definitely self-fertile, since I doubt there's another apricot  
within 5 miles of either of us.  It blooms when there aren't many  
insects around, but I've often caught a lone bumble bee in the act of  

I bought the trees from Burnt Ridge Nursery, burntridge at myhome.net.   
They keep them in cold storage, and were able to sell me one fairly  
late in the season.  It's too late for me to cut scion wood this  
year, but if you remind me next winter I could do that.

Ginda Fisher
eastern Mass, zone 6

On Apr 14, 2007, at 9:49 AM, ROBERT W JUDY A HARTMAN wrote:

> Where can I find scionwood of the JerseyCot so I could try it here?
> Thanks,
> Bob
> western Washington
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> From: Bassem Samaan
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> Subject: [NAFEX] Fruit blooming without pollinators
> While many have experienced damage on their fruit trees this past  
> week, I'm furtunate that my apricots are late bloomers. I have  
> JerseyCot and another late blooming variety, they haven't bloomed  
> fully until now. My peaches and plums and all others haven't  
> bloomed yet. Now the question is, my apricot is almost in full  
> bloom, there's no sub freezing temperature in the forecast, but  
> what pollinates the apricots? There's no insects out yet in this  
> cold. Would they get wind pollinated? Would the blossoms release  
> pollen if the outside temperatures are below 50F?
> Bass
> Bethlehem, Pa, Zone 6

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