[NAFEX] was freeze, now grafting persimmons

Bassem Samaan bassem at gardener.com
Sat Apr 14 06:07:42 EDT 2007

I have an american persimmon grafted on a D. Lotus rootstock. It's still
fully dormant. Lucky's bark grafting method works great as well as other
methods. Mike McKoncky of edible landscaping, does bud grafting while
dormant and have a very high success rate. Basically he slices the bark
and inserts a small dormant persimmon bud, wraps it and once it takes
cuts the top off. Bass

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  Is "'whip/splice" the same as "whip&tongue" without the tongue?
  Yes. Just a long, sloping cut in both scion and rootstock, such
  that the cambium layers line up in good
  apposition, then wrap and seal.
  Whether doing a bark graft or simple whip, I usually use a 2 or
  3-bud scion stick, unless I'm very short on a
  particular variety, in which case I may put on 1-bud scions, but
  there's no 'backup' if that one bud gets damaged -
  and there's less stored energy for callus formation, as a 1-bud
  scion is typically quite a bit smaller than one
  with 2,3 or more buds.

  Again, aftercare is probably the most critical part of the whole


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