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Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Fri Apr 13 18:58:27 EDT 2007

Hello NAFEX Net,

The following came to me and am passing it on. Here is an opportunity to 
spread the word about the joys of orcharding (except this cold spring) and plug 
NAFEX in the process.

The message is self explanatory.


Dear Jerry,

I’m wondering if you know any second home owners who have orchards on their 
properties – I’m researching an article for the NY Times Escapes section.

I’d like to contact people who have orchards - of any size - by their second 
homes/cabins/cottages; the idea being that some people discover an orchard on 
their property, or perhaps are enticed to buy because of an existing orchard. 

Here’s how my editor describes the story:

“...many people who buy a ‘country house’ find themselves with a derelict 
orchard. What a romantic idea! Our own fruit trees! But it turns out that 
reviving an orchard may be a lot more work than some people think.”  We’re looking 
for “people who have found themselves with this problem [who can] recount some 
of their experiences”... We’re also looking “to talk to some experts on the 
whole orchard question.”

Thanks for your consideration. Have a great weekend.

Best wishes,

Ellen Maguire, emaguire1 at nyc.rr.com 

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