[NAFEX] Whose fruit trees didn't freeze?

Shirley Murphy samurphy at isp.com
Fri Apr 13 18:20:07 EDT 2007

> Shirley,
> Are your asian persimmons grafted on native rootstock or D. lotus? Just
> curious, as I have seen very mixed reports regarding asian persimmons 
> after
> the big freeze. Most commercially sold asian types are grafted on D. 
> lotus,
> so I am thinking that maybe the budbreak differences are due to the stock
> used.
> I am only familiar with grafting persimmons onto larger stock with bark
> grafts, not bench grafting. I would think whip and tongue would work when
> the stock is pushing leaves well, but I'm not certain. Maybe Lucky can 
> give
> you a better answer.
> Hal


My Asian persimmon is Jiro.  The rootstock was not identified.  I've had it 
for several years and it is suppose to be cold hardy for zones 6 - 10.  It 
will probably survive but I will not expect fruit this year.  Thanks for 
your input.

Shirley Murphy

> I've only done grafting onto seedling D.virginiana rootstock that was
> well-established, either in the nursery bed or in situ; have not done
> any 'bench-grafting'.
> While I now do bark grafts almost exclusively, the first few
> persimmons I grafted were done as simple whip/splice grafts - dormant
> scions worked onto actively-growing rootstocks of similar
> diameter.  I got 100% successful takes(4/4) but perhaps I didn't know
> any better than to do them like an apple.
> My own opinion is that the type of graft performed is less important
> than aftercare.  Persimmons vigorously push shoots from
> latent/dormant buds below the graft, and it is essential to keep
> those rubbed off - you almost have to do this on a daily basis;
> otherwise, these rootstock shoots will rapidly assume dominance and
> your grafted scion will shrivel and die.
> Lucky Pittman
> USDA Cold Zone 6
> AHS Heat Zone 7
> Hopkinsville, KY


Is "'whip/splice" the same as "whip&tongue" without the tongue?  That would 
probably be the best and simplest method for me since my potted D.virginiana 
rootstock is nearly the same diameter as the scions.  I'll wait for the 
rootstock to show some renewed growth and then graft on the refrigerated 
scions.  I'll hope for beginner's luck and follow up care as you suggest. 

Shirley Murphy 

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