[NAFEX] Whose fruit trees didn't freeze?

Shirley Murphy samurphy at isp.com
Fri Apr 13 14:58:30 EDT 2007

The freeze after a prolonged and promising early spring got both leaves and 
tiny fruit on my figs, plums and grapes.
Kiwi lost all leaves and blossoms (this was the first year to blossom).
Leaves remain green but fruit and blossoms were lost on apples, pears and 
peaches (a few new apple blossoms promise a taste)
Those with total leaf loss but not yet blossoming were boysenberry, 
persimmon (asian and native), pomegranate and nut trees.
Blueberries had some tip dieback and fruit and blossoms present at freeze 
were lost.  Some varieties are now blooming so I may have a few this year.
Leaves and fruit on blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries are 
apparently unaffected as were leaves on currant, aronia and elderberry.
Mother Nature has made her point!  May she be kind and keep the plants alive 
and healthy.

I was hoping to perform my first acts of grafting on persimmons (scions 
kindly provided by Scott).  Presumably, my native persimmons (rooted in 
pots) and the scions (refrigerated) will still be viable for this purpose. 
Any suggestions on when and how to do the operation ?

SW TN - z7 

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