[NAFEX] Whose fruit trees didn't freeze?

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Fri Apr 13 13:40:05 EDT 2007

I, like Scott S in Balt., MD, live in OLD 6b zone Northern VA and may have barely escaped a lot of fruit tree damage. My dwarf peaches were in full bloom when the cold snap hit and I believe we had 5 mornings in a row under 27 degrees--anyway I am not seeing any blackened leaves or tip ends, although I don't know if the flowers are still viable--many of the peach flowers are still on the trees. 
I covered one of the peach trees with the winter row cover fabric that keeps anything under it above freezing even if temps get to 24 degrees. The fabric was draped and pinned over branches, but underside of tree was exposed.
The sour cherry trees and apples had not bloomed before the snap and, again, I have no blackened parts, so I am hoping these are ok too. They are now leafing out and about to bloom. Will report back once I see if I get any fruit set and growth.
I have a lot of veggies in a cold frame that I threw another piece of the winter row cover fabric over and pinned down--didn't lose a thing there.
Strawberries are not flowering yet, but made it through just fine with no cover.
Barbara Harrick, Fairfax, VA
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