[NAFEX] Wool as mulch

Robin & Chris Dalziel joybileefarm at telus.net
Fri Apr 13 12:33:46 EDT 2007

We have a sheep/goat farm and have used wool as mulch in the garden.  The
weeds do grow up through it as it allows a lot of air.  It does absorb water
and will keep the ground moist.  As it breaks down you will smell ammonia.
It takes two years to break down in a damp climate and longer in a drought
prone area.  The worst part is if you are using a string weeder it spins the
wool into yarn and gets caught up in the moving parts.  Ditto for the
rototiller.  If your orchard area isn't fenced you will attract coyotes as
the sheep smell travels.

The best place for wool is in the bottom of potted plants and hanging plants
as it holds moisture to the roots and slowly fertilizes.  I've had awesome
tomatoes in the greenhouse by putting a 3 - 4 inch layer of raw wool in the
bottom of the pot and then packing soil in tightly when transplanting.  We
are too cold to grow tomatoes outdoors.

Joybilee Farm
Greenwood, B.C.


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