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Thanks for your reply.  I knew I'd get great info from this group.  One more
question...At some point we are going to be installing a corn burner (it can
also be converted to wood pellets if those are cheaper).  Does anybody know
anything about the properties of corn ash for compost or soil amendment
purposes?  Is it similar to wood ash?

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   One way to get an excess of Phosphorous is by adding too much compost and
manure. Believe it or not there is such a thing as too much compost. Your
bone meal is also a P source. I suspect it would take a lot of compost to
get you out of wack. Once you have a P excess its hard to get it down.
   Cotton seed meal is said to have an acid break down. This is why many
Rhodo growers recommend this a a N source.If you were to go conventional,
ammonium sulfate would be good.
   Gypsumm I dont think has an acidifying affect. This is why it is used
where dont want to alter the PH. Great source for both Cal and sulfur but
they nuetralize each other. Straight sulfur would be a better choice.
   Potassium sulfate 0-0-50 would be my choice for the K. Organic and gives
you the sulfur. However its hard to find small amounts.

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