[NAFEX] Fruit fans create a stink over odourless durian

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Fri Apr 13 07:41:09 EDT 2007

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>  Having run afoul of limburger in the past though I have to say the
odorless durian sounds attractive.


Limburger is fine.  Danish Ezra has a similar scent.  Matter of fact, both
cheeses taste better if you allow them to ripen at room temperature for a
day before eating them.

The scent is not for the timid or those prone to hysteria.  Ha, ha, ha!

Taste and smell are subjective.  As you age taste buds die off, and that is
why tastes too strong for a child are fine for adults.  This is also why
some things taste better in memory.  The taste does not change, our palette


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