[NAFEX] Fruit fans create a stink over odourless durian

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Thu Apr 12 22:30:33 EDT 2007

I bought some kind of frozen dessert with durian in it.  It smelled and 
tasted a bit like mango with onion and garlic in it.  Not bad, and I could 
get to like it I think.  My husband was horrified at the smell and still 
talks about it.  I note that he is bothered by smells that don't bother me, 
like a batch of kimchee I made once, he and my son made me sit downwind of 
them to eat it.  And though we both kind of like the smell of distant skunk, 
if the dog gets skunked he won't pet her for weeks afterward.  (Note that 
all these smells are based at least partly on sulfur compounds.)
     I'm figuring that peeled frozen durian was only a very mild sample of 
the real thing.    Donna 

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