[NAFEX] Fruit fans create a stink over odourless durian

athagan at atlantic.net athagan at atlantic.net
Thu Apr 12 15:07:22 EDT 2007

> While the innovation may persuade more people to try the durian - 
> both intrepid tourists and consumers in importing countries - so
> far  it has met with an unfavourable reaction from durian purists. 
> They  say that smellier the durian the better its taste, and when 
> you get used to the smell it really isn't that bad.

You can get used to hanging too, if you hang long enough. {laughing}

One day I hope to try some durian just to see what the stink is all
about.  Having run afoul of limburger in the past though I have to
say the odorless durian sounds attractive.


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