[NAFEX] Attachments -- mercy on the narrowbanded

Pat Scott quandong at iinet.net.au
Thu Apr 12 02:16:00 EDT 2007


Images are not that simplistic.  GIFs have smaller file sizes when  
the number of colours is restricted, such as text, line drawings and  
shapes with big areas of uniform colour.  JPGs have smaller file  
sizes for images such as photographs. JPEG stands for Joint  
Photographic Experts Group.

A photograph saved in GIF form can look good, but it really will have  
a bigger file size than the same photograph saved in low-resolution  
JPG form.

The quality of resolution (High, Medium, Low) has significant  
influence on the file size of a JPG, as well as the physical size in  


On 11/04/2007, at 22:42 PM, Thomas Olenio wrote:
> Hello,
> To really reduce the size of photos save them into the GIF format.   
> This can be done simply with the Microsoft Paint program found in  
> the Accessories.  Colors may change slightly, but usually not  
> significantly.
> Most of the time these minor color changes do not affect NAFEX  
> usage, which is simply a reference image.
> A JPG file has millions of colors, where a GIF has thousands of  
> colors.  The more colors, the larger the file becomes.
> Later,
> Tom

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