[NAFEX] Freeze Damage

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Wed Apr 11 13:05:11 EDT 2007

Yes, you should remove all of the damaged fruit and leaves if they do not 
fall off on their own.  They will harbor disease and insects in the same way 
the mummies do for overwintering pests and disease.  Some of the most 
fundamental cultural practices can alleviate many potential problems, but 
especially bacterial diseases.  If you have row trees, cultivating the rows 
will remove any overwintering pests that hide under leaves or mulch (I'm not 
a big fan of mulch under or around trees for this reason) or any that burrow 
underground.  Most pests that burrow into the ground only burrow an inch or 
two so the cultivating buries them deeper and they die.  These kinds of 
practices help alleviate the pressure form these types of pests.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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> Should we remove all the dead and damaged leaves and fruit from the trees 
> which have suffered freeze damage?  I was thinking that they may attract 
> fungi/bacteria which could be transmitted to the wood's vital tissues.
> Doc

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