[NAFEX] Attachments -- mercy on the narrowbanded

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To really reduce the size of photos save them into the GIF format.  This can
be done simply with the Microsoft Paint program found in the Accessories.
Colors may change slightly, but usually not significantly.


Most of the time these minor color changes do not affect NAFEX usage, which
is simply a reference image.


A JPG file has millions of colors, where a GIF has thousands of colors.  The
more colors, the larger the file becomes.






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> > > Point taken.  I have never created a hyperlink or a website. Could
someone advise off  list? 

I think this is topical enough to address on-list.

I have zero problems with people sending pictures if they do the following

-Resize to 600 pixels along the largest dimension.  Most photo editors have
a resize option that will keep things proportional.  Even better, crop out
excessive background...then resize.  600 X 400 pixels or 400 X 600 are very

-Save picture as a JPG (J-Peg) and use a quality setting of approximately
70%-to-80%.  You will lose a little bit of the most subtle shading.  

Then attach and ship.

Most pictures will have a file size of 25k.


Joe Hecksel
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