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Global Warming?!!?  I just reviewed our weather station graphs fro the past 2 weeks and found it hard to believe that our lowest recorded temperature was 24 degrees when other folks much further south were 10 degrees lower.  So much for the new zone charts.  We recorded -14.6 for our winter low and thought we had lost our peach tree buds.  We cut a few branches off, brougt them into the office and put them in a jar of water to force them.  As of yesterday, 85% of the buds have bloomed.  Maybe we didn't lose tham afterall!

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Dennis Norton
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  I didn't like how the leaves on my clove currant or gooseberry (pixwell that is being replaced this year by Captivator) darkened and looked like they were going to drop.  My nanking cherries were in full bloom and the wind and cold ripped every blossom from the plant the first night.  We saw a low of 24.6, with most nights over the past week being around 26.5.  I know the cold did in a variegated holly and the passionflower cerulea (or whatever) that I had new growth emerging on before the cold hit.  My red currants were beginning to uncurl leaves, but they seem unharmed.  Goumi was almost fully leaved out and it didn't' care about the cold (but then again it doesn't lose its leaves every winter either).  Hardy kiwi buds look like they have turned to mush, but I'm not too terribly worried about them (though blooming this year would have been nice).


  S. Hills (zone 6..1/2 mile from Lake St. Clair in Southeast Mi..the past 2 winters only dropped to zone 7 temps, though.)



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  > I have heard that currants don't like heat and are prone to disease here.  




  I have a black currant, Minaj Shmyriov, that has done very well here in semi-shade. It has not had any disease problems, and the fruit ripens before the weather turns hot. It has been so productive, I plan to add more. I also have a gooseberry next to it, Captivator. It drops its fruit when the weather turns hot, and will likely be replaced with another black currant. Both of these were in full bloom, and suffered moderate damage this weekend. Its still too early to say how much (if any) fruit will be produced this year.


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