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Gillette belongs to a small group of persistent, edible caprifigs.  The first crop has the charactistics of the profichi, without the wasps, the second crop is normal.  I have it in my collection under it's Maltese name "Bajtar ta’ San Ġwann".  It's named St. John/San Ġwann/San Giovanni because the first crop ripens around the time of the feast of St. John (June 24).  I believe it's appreciated more for the early crop rather than for any exceptional taste.

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The Gillette I have is not a true caprifig, at least here in Oregon. 
The fruit does contain some male flowers, but it sets normal fruit 
here and there are no fig wasps here. The quality is not as good as 
figs such as Desert King, but it matures in cool seasons here.
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On Apr 10, 2007, at 4:14 AM, Bassem Samaan wrote:

Unfortunately I don't have this fig in specific, but is there anything 
special about the Gillette fig? I have a Gillette razor though.
As far as fig mosaic, I've seen large figs that are very productive, 
and have no problem as far as vigor. Fig mosaic doesn't spoil the fig 
fruit, but it's only noticable on the leaves.
Are you aware that the Gillette is a caprifig? meaning it will never 
fruit in areas where the fig wasps are not around to pollinate them. 
Southern California and the mideterranean are the only regions that 
this variety would set fruit.

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> Does anyone happen to know where I might be able to find a Gillette
> (aka: Cordelia, Croisic , St. John) fig plant, which does not have
> fig mosaic virus?
> Thank you,
> Glen

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