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Kathryn Mathews kathmath at charterinternet.com
Mon Apr 9 09:13:49 EDT 2007

I've got some fruit trees and shrubs planted in an area that used to be my
vegetable garden.  I've taken a random approach to fertilizing in the past.
Composed manure one year, soybean meal the next, blood and bone meal, etc.
The only constant is that I've been adding a lot of compost for which my
carbon source has been shredded oak and maple leaves.  I knew my soil was
alkaline and was hoping that over time the leaves would lower the ph.  I
finally got a soil test a couple of years ago that indicated the ph was
still 7.5 and recommended a fertilizer ratio of 30-0-20 (for some reason my
phosphorous levels are off the charts).  Apparently I need to be a bit more
precise in my approach to soil amending.  I'm planning to add gypsum
(calcium sulfate) to lower the ph.  How much should I add per 100 square
feet for clay soil?  As for fertilizer, I would like to stay organic.
Alfalfa meal is listed at 2.6-0-2.3 and soybean meal is listed at
7.0-.5-2.3.  Would one of these be a good choice?  In a previous post
someone mentioned soybean meal would lower ph.  Is there something else
anyone would like to recommend that would approximate the 30-0-20 ratio I'm
looking for and contribute to my goal of lowering ph?  How much  should I
apply per 100 square feet?
Kathryn Mathews
southern MN
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