[NAFEX] Damage

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Richard, the orchid food from Lily Miller is 'Spoonit Bloomit.' Int. Ag.
Labs sell 'Bloomit." The names are very similar but they're not the same
product. The orchid food is a powder. Bloomit is a liquid.  The ingredients
are different. Bloomit is not listed on Int. Ag. Lab's website. If you're
interested, you'd have to call them.




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Are we talking about the dormant season orchid food (6-30-30) that is called
Bloomit are does Int. Ag. Labs have another product called the same name?



Richard Ashton

Oak Creek Orchard


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  If you're hit with a hard frost, International Ag Labs in MN has a product
called Bloomit that might be able to give you a second or possibly a third
bloom, provided your plant has the energy.  I get hit every year with frost
and at the Acres conference asked Jon Frank for help.  Bloomit keeps for
three years and costs about $30 for 2.5 gallons. I'll keep some on hand for
insurance but hope I won't need it.  Jon's number is (507) 235-6909.


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