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I have thought..just to try out.  Make two baskets.  "Organic Perfect" and
"Organic Ugly".  Price accordingly. I would be interested in the results.

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    I've been selling at farmers' markets for a lot of years and have 
learned that most customers do not want organic produce.  Oh, they will all 
SAY they want organic but the want it at supermarket prices.  Customers want

perfect produce; they handle every tomato and if they see a slightest 
imperfection, they reject it.  Customers also want their produce to be the 
same size as that which they find at supermarkets.
    One time, after sorting through my displayed tomatoes, a citiot asked 
me, "Don't you have any more BIG tomatoes?"  "Why do you need big ones?" I 
asked.  "I'm going to cut them up for a salad," was her reply.
    I have watched vendors come in to sell certified organic produce and 
they either stop coming because much of their produce doesn't sell or they 
drop their organic certification.  In my opinion, "organic' will become the 
trend when customers stop being so fussy.  What's the problem with a tiny 
pock or ding?  And so long as organic producers are able to grow less 
perfect fruits than their non-organic counter-parts, their organic produce 
must, necessarily, cost more if they are to stay in business.

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