[NAFEX] Over-fertilizing

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sun Apr 8 09:06:57 EDT 2007

Lucky wrote:  "Indeed.  Most farmers do not 'over-fertilize' - it doesn't 
make economic sense to apply more of any input than is
necessary, especially when most producers are functioning on a very tight 
(or negative) profit margin.
Much of the 'over-fertilization' and chemical runoff problem we've 
encountered through the years, with regard to
water sources, must be laid at the feet of homeowners with unfettered 
access, to fertilizers and lawn chemicals in
their quest for the ever 'greener' LAWN - with no training and no 
culpability for excessive applications.  Them,
and the folks maintaining golf courses."

    To add to what Lucky said (above) those who balk at the thought of 
getting a soil test are among those who are most likely to over-fertilize. 
Adding to that group are those who apply the same type and amount of 
fertilizers that a neighbor applied.  It all boils down to, 'if you don't 
know what your soil needs, then find out.'  Don't just apply fertilizer 
because you think it is needed.

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