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>Obviously, with these freezes, we're out of fruit tree questions to work on. . . 
>.  How do I know you?  A rose by any other name .  .  .  .

>Tim Inman

I am likely amongst the most ignorant here; but I always think back to so

many classes from 6th grade up, sociology, biology, government...

everywhere there used to be a reference to the Dust Bowl, it's cause

"being" chem ferts & no rotation of either crops, not a rest year for a section.

 We may know more now. Still, I used chem ferts for a time. I did not try to change overnight, but over 5-10 years. Now, I only have a 50x100 and part of that is house, But I weaned away from 95% of my chem ferts to organic, predominately mushroom compost.
 IF organic ferts were available AND cost effective, I would think someone on a large scale could more easily switch to organic than I, as samples and dosing on a large scale are more easily tested and controlled. I don't suggest anyone do any massive change completely and suddenly overnight. Maybe 3 years is enough, maybe not, but cold turkey is tough. I understand the certification and monetary issues there being time sensitive from the onset.
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