[NAFEX] Damage

S & E Hills ehills7408 at wowway.com
Sat Apr 7 21:30:02 EDT 2007

I assume that everyone is evaluating damage by scratching the stems of
trees.  I haven't done many of my own plants in this way, as I fear that
opening a wound, even one as minor as a scratch, might encourage sap flow or
accelerate damage due to other factors.  Am I just being overly cautious or
foolish about this?

I will admit that I did scratch my Che that I planted last year a couple
days ago (I didn't like how the bark was a deep, camoflage green rather than
brown).  It was fine beneath the bark.  I wanted to do the same to my kaki
(planted at the same time) but my fears from above prevented me.

Most of my plants had not yet started pushing leaves when this snap hit, the
kiwi were pushing green tips on the buds, and catkins were hanging on my
hazelnuts (for the first time).  I did trim my Ill. Mulberry a couple days
before the snap, including one thick branch that I needed to remove due to
damage and really poor angled growth.  The cut was a large one, but there
was no bleeding.  

My coldest tempteratures were 24.8 degrees, 26.1, 25.3 and tonight we are
expected to drop to 26 (though I am averaging about 3-4 degrees higher than
the predictions).   My nanking cherries were in 3/4 bloom, but all buds
dropped the first night (my guess is the wind more than the temperature was
the problem).

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