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Do not assume that because the first leaves of spring were frozen off that
the plant is dead.  Plants have thousands (millions) of leaf buds that are
held in dormancy, they are only released from dormancy when needed.


The sun is one of the biggest factors.  Say you have a tree and a large limb
is lost to wind.  The missing branch will allow sun to shine on branches of
the tree that previously were shaded.  The sun will break down the hormones
that hold invisible leaf buds dormant, and they will begin to grow,
replacing the lost canopy.


Give your tree/s time to heal and react to this recent freeze damage.


Professor Henry Kock of the University of Guelph, Ontario was adamant that
Elms were taken down too quickly when infected with Dutch Elm Disease.  Many
Elms are still to be found in rural Ontario, because not all Elms died from
the disease.


Elm Recovery Project



”We underestimated the number of large elms that would be reported, and we
have only visited ½ of the nearly 1,000 elms scattered through Ontario. Our
goal is to collect cuttings from the most promising of these trees and
propagate them for testing. Immune system challenge tests are being done by
University of Toronto.”


Never underestimate Mother Nature, she’s a survivor.




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