[NAFEX] Everything's Dead

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Yes, I would give all the plants time, and not assume they are dead.


I had some potted figs in my garage, and during a January cold spell noted
that a watering can next to them had frozen solid.  The soil in the fig pots
was frozen too.


A couple of warm days on the driveway, and their buds began to swell.  You
may be lucky.  Losing fruit for a season is better than losing the trees.


Give them time.  Patience in the largest ingredient.





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This makes me recall one winter when my zone 7 garden/orchard was subjected
to a record 0 degree weather.  Many things came back, which was
heartwarming, and some things were truly dead, which left room for renewing
the land with new varieties.  I'm sorry your garden suffered so, but good
things may come out of this.


~ Stephen



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A walk around outside today confirmed that it's all dead: Rose of Sharon,
Holly, Cape Myrtle, various flower bushes, Japanese Persimmon tree, grapes,
plums, pears, nearly everything.  I wonder about my mature pecan trees, how
the young growth will come through this, or if it will be dead, too.
Prediction is for 22 tonight.  (NE AR)  It's heartbreaking. 

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