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Long time no see, Tom!

May I suggest that some pwders do not dissolve well...

Settling can be an issue as these powders may be impure,

and have some non-dissolvables.

But off the top, I'd say try a blender.  Then allow this

to settle in a clear tall drinking glass (one time only,)

to test THAT powder for settleables. If any of these are

toxic, dedicate a blender to that use. Plastic bodies/jars

are susceptable to aborbtion and some cross contamination,

but are a few bucks or GoodWill. Separate gaskets will be

needed, and why not use your old blade, and get a new one

for margaritas... Of course, lacking these, you could

use a disposable coffee filter.

Watch out for plastic absorption if you use this filter

frame for coffee too. Melita's are $5. A plastic strainer

and a napkin or paper towel even, for today.

Grow ON!


.....orig msg.....

Hello All,

I have a question for all small, pump sprayer users.

I have two one gallon, pump sprayers, and no matter how diligent I am with

rinsing either with water, and water with dish soap after usage, I cannot

get half way through spraying my one gallon of spray, without the darn tip


I premix my powders with warm water in a glass jar, shake them up, then add

that concentrate to sprayer.  I even use reverse osmosis filtered water

thinking that hard water was my issue and I still have tip clogging


Is there a secret to prevent tip clogging in small pump sprayers?  I am

totally frustrated and disgusted with the tip clogging problem at this


I have even filled them with warm soapy water after rinsing and allowed that

to all spray out, and still I get the problems.  Should I use vinegar or

ammonia as a final rinse?


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