[NAFEX] Outrageous! All CA almonds to be pasteurized.

BekeeprTop at aol.com BekeeprTop at aol.com
Fri Apr 6 21:27:47 EDT 2007

The Final Rule for the Mandatory Pasteurization of California Almonds has 
been published in the Federal Register as of March 30, 2007.
Well, I'll be writing a letter to California Almond Growers Exchange and 
other manufacturers telling me they will lose me as a customer for their product 
effective Sept. 2007.  I have no interest in eating pasteurized almonds - junk 
made out of one of nature's best foods - natural raw almonds.


there's an online petition to sign at:

It appears it will still be possible to obtain raw almonds in a more 
difficult manner by purchasing bulk boxes of almonds labelled "unpasteurized".  Good - 
now all I have to do is pull my lip up over my head because I want to eat 
natural raw almonds.

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