[NAFEX] Stacey v. Staceyville

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Fri Apr 6 17:45:33 EDT 2007

No problem here, thanks.  All it made me think of was pronunc.of a township 
here.  Considering I'm naming chance-seedlings after the township I find 
them in.  How much convincing will it take to get people to use a rhyme of 
"loud" for "Lowville"?  (Most people in Lowville have a sense of humor; I 
bet a lot of members of NOW do to!)

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After re-reading that, it sounds pretty bad.  Not what I meant.  I meant
exceptions with pronunciations, not that the National Organization for Women
is an exception.  Or that I'm trying to have fun with them.


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 > Well, since were having fun with exceptions.  How about the National
 > Organization for Women (NOW)?  In that case we would pronounce it "Know."
I dare anybody to touch that one.
 > :-)
 > Mark

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