[NAFEX] Scions with green tip

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 5 15:17:38 EDT 2007

Peter, do you have access to anything already in the ground, either apple rootstocks
or young tree w/ lots of upright shoots, which you can graft onto?  I would want to
graft those scions as soon as this cold snap is done.  Seems a bit much to ask
scions which have broken dormancy to wait 3 weeks in cold storage AND then mend a
graft union.  Especially if you will be bench-grafting onto full dormant rootstocks.

I've never had good success w/ the timing mis-matched this way.  Much better if the
rootsocks are growing more than the scions!

--- Ray Kaminski <> wrote:

> Peter no problem.  Place in a plastic bag with a small damp paper or 
> tissue, rubber band it at the base and let them rest till you are 
> ready for them. In many cases in the past, when doing cleft grafts, I 
> like to have both scions matched as close to the same size as it is 
> easier to  keep a nice tight grip on the scions.  I  get a growing 
> scion from a nearby tree with partial growth showing (small leaves) 
> and using as a match with the scion I really want to grow.  You just 
> have to make sure you know what scion you want to grow when they both 
> start growing.  In most cases the matching scion will also grow as it 
> seems like in the spring things really want to up and grow. Little 
> green tip showing won't matter as long as you do not let the scions 
> dry out or get them too punky from to much moisture.Ray

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