[NAFEX] beach plum question

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Highly recommend you get a few samples before ordering an quantity  
from Oikos. In three attempts ordering from them I have yet to  
receive any decent stock, but I have not tried their plums.


On Apr 5, 2007, at 9:48 AM, Hal Love wrote:

> While these are not named selections, Oikos Tree Farm has seedlings  
> from two
> superior selections.
> http://www.oikostreecrops.com
> "ECOS-From Grant and Flava: Selected from individuals with sweet  
> yellow and
> larger blue fruit. Produces quicker than the species with better fruit
> quality. Recommended if you are trying to create your own beach plum
> varieties or just want a better seedling strain for fruit  
> production. Good
> to eat right off the bush."
> Hal
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>> Am considering beach plums (due mostly to no spraying being  
>> required).
>> Are there any named cultivars available, and, if so, from where?
>> Also, how do beach plums (prunus maritima), which I understand can be
>> variable (unless you have a named cultivar), compare with native
>> american plum (prunus americana) and manchurian plum (prunus salicina
>> mandschurica), as far as taste of the fruit & height, suckering, and
>> life of the tree?
>> Thank you.
>> George Drosehn
>> zone 7a

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