[NAFEX] beach plum question

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While these are not named selections, Oikos Tree Farm has seedlings from two
superior selections.


"ECOS-From Grant and Flava: Selected from individuals with sweet yellow and
larger blue fruit. Produces quicker than the species with better fruit
quality. Recommended if you are trying to create your own beach plum
varieties or just want a better seedling strain for fruit production. Good
to eat right off the bush."


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> Am considering beach plums (due mostly to no spraying being required).
> Are there any named cultivars available, and, if so, from where?
> Also, how do beach plums (prunus maritima), which I understand can be
> variable (unless you have a named cultivar), compare with native
> american plum (prunus americana) and manchurian plum (prunus salicina
> mandschurica), as far as taste of the fruit & height, suckering, and
> life of the tree?
> Thank you.
> George Drosehn
> zone 7a

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