[NAFEX] Frost protection

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Wed Apr 4 23:05:43 EDT 2007

Hector is down in a hole, he can get away with a single layer of protection 
because there's no wind down there.  I just saw him in the grocery, he'll be 
irrigating, so I think his blueberries will make it.  Mine are on a slope, I 
can try to cover them somewhat, but I doubt it will do a bit of  good.  As 
for Richard Moyer saying he looks forward to this freeze to see what 
survives, he must be on a very chilly north facing slope.  We have nothing 
left to bloom except the persimmons and chestnuts.  It's not just plums, 
peaches, pears and apples that are done blooming, the cherries and oaks are 
in bloom right now.  We are talking about practically zero fruit and mast 
crops for the whole central part of the eastern US.  We've got sheets over 
our strawberries, that always works for them.
    Do remember that most plants won't freeze at 32 degrees.  Depending on 
how much antifreeze they have left in them, not much right now, they can be 
alright down to about 28, even 25.  I notice that one weather service, 
Intellicast, is predicting much higher temps than the National Weather 
Service.  Has anyone else checked with them for your area?  I wonder what 
they think is going on?  NWS has a forcast discussion that can be useful, 
esp as they have been wrong, wrong, wrong for us on both precipitation and 
temps all winter long.  (Unfortunately they have been wrong on the warm side 
when the fronts have come in this winter.  If they are 5-8 degrees too high 
this time, that's a low of 14-17.)  My husband found someone on there saying 
that the computer predictions on precipitation had been running too high all 
along and he'd been reducing them for the forecast.  They have still been 
too high.  We got under 4/10 inch of rain in March.


P.S.  Tanis, put your trees in the shed.  I sure wish I could do the same 
with all mine. 

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