[NAFEX] Scions with green tip

Ray Kaminski rjkaminski at charter.net
Wed Apr 4 19:55:44 EDT 2007

Peter no problem.  Place in a plastic bag with a small damp paper or 
tissue, rubber band it at the base and let them rest till you are 
ready for them. In many cases in the past, when doing cleft grafts, I 
like to have both scions matched as close to the same size as it is 
easier to  keep a nice tight grip on the scions.  I  get a growing 
scion from a nearby tree with partial growth showing (small leaves) 
and using as a match with the scion I really want to grow.  You just 
have to make sure you know what scion you want to grow when they both 
start growing.  In most cases the matching scion will also grow as it 
seems like in the spring things really want to up and grow. Little 
green tip showing won't matter as long as you do not let the scions 
dry out or get them too punky from to much moisture.Ray

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