[NAFEX] Backyard Pests? Think of Them as Dinner (NY Times)

William C. Garthright billg at inebraska.com
Wed Apr 4 13:43:27 EDT 2007

> *Backyard Pests? Think of Them as Dinner
> *

I enjoy game, but there can't be much meat on a sparrow!  (And most of 
my acquaintances can't tell a house sparrow from any other small brown 
bird, all of which are protected species. I certainly hope he knows what 
he's trapping.)

Squirrels, rabbits, mourning doves - all of these have hunting seasons 
here, but not in town. Maybe I should stick with weeds. After all, I 
seem to be able to grow dandelions better than anything else (and I'll 
bet this cold snap won't even faze them).


I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an 
exception. - Groucho Marx

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