[NAFEX] Hard Freeze

Wed Apr 4 10:58:01 EDT 2007

Well, we had 16F on our thermometer this morning as the overnight low.  I'm afraid that means the end of this year's apricot and peach season.  Darn it!  Everything was looking so good, too.  I suppose this is one reason we need NAFEX.  If I were a commercial orchardist trying to make a living on fruit trees, I'd be out right now looking for a tall building with a narrow ledge on the top floors to jump from. . . .  I'm very dissappointed, of course, but I'll just keep the trees healthy for the season and hope for a little global warming next year!  Living in the USDA SW Iowa Zone 4 'Hook' can be interesting to say the least.

Tim Inman
Randolph, Iowa
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